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The American Association recommends that children get their first orthodontic check up no later than age 7. At Carter Orthodontics, we provide a free early evaluation, to give your child the best opportunity for a healthy and beautiful smile. Detecting orthodontic problems at this age does not always mean that orthodontic treatment should be initiated. Dr. David will evaluate your child to discuss whether early intervention would be beneficial at this time. To schedule your child’s first orthodontic checkup, call Carter Orthodontics at (706) 650-0468 or sign up below.

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Dr. David and his team are wonderful. I have been getting my invisalign work done through him. I moved 7 hours away and make the trip every two months. He is completely worth the drive. I was told my teeth were beyond help and he took me on and has given me the greatest gift a woman could ask for...a smile. No matter what oopsies i have made during the process, He has been patient and worked with me and my other dentists to make it all possible. So close to the finish if he only offered smiling lessons since i havent smiled without my lips closed in 20 years

Cindy Gourlie