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Carter Orthodontics has excellent customer service. I went in for an Invisalign ClinCheck this week and I was given my next set of Invisalign aligners. They have to be cut to accommodate the hooks for my rubber band that I wear to correct my overbite. My mistake was not to put them on in the office to make sure they fit. When I got home, I couldn't get them in. I called Carter Orthodontics and was put in touch with Cheryl, the clinic manager. She was working in the Aiken office. When she got off work, she drove back to the Augusta office and trimmed my aligners and left them taped to the door for me to pick up later. Now that's dedication. I love my Invisalign aligners. After 6 months my teeth are noticeably straighter and I don't mind smiling anymore. Thanks to Dr. Carter! My advice to Wendy below would be to make sure you try them on in the office. That would alleviate the problem she had.