Welcome Allison

Welcome to the Carter Orthodontics family Allison! We are so happy that you joined us and we love your new smile! #orthodontics #orthodonticstreatment #orthodonticspecialist

new braces

New braces

Look how adorable these sisters look in their new braces! Welcome to our Carter Orthodontics family, Kiara and Tiara! #orthodonticstreatment #orthodontics #orthodonticspecialist

We want to know

We want to know!

Are you ready for Christmas or do you want to enjoy Thanksgiving first?

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Congratulations to Brittany for getting her braces on and for joining the BEST orthodontic family in town ….. Carter Orthodontics! Welcome.

Naimah's new braces

Naimah’s new braces

Congratulations Naimah for getting your braces on last week! You look great!!! Welcome to our family.