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Our Team

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Our Team

Cheryl  Collier / Office Manager
Brea Patrick / Treatment Coordinator
Amanda Thacker / Clinical Manager
Andrea Posey / Clinical Lab Assistant
Ashley Gilreath / Clinical Manager
Ashley Phail / Clinical Lab Assistant
Meagan Boyd / Clinical Assistant
Kimmie Buffett / Clinical Assistant
Jordan Scott / Clinical Assistant
Dystany Storey / Clinical Assistant
Samantha Clark/ Clinical Assistant
Haley Padgett/ Clinical Assistant
Olivia Clayton / Clinical Lab Assistant
Cindy Thigpen / Treatment Coordinator
Trygve Hodge / Sterilization Coordinator
Karen Perryman / Patient Liason – Insurance Coordinator
Kim Barrs-Jenkins / Office Manager
Peggy Johnson/ Patient Liason – Insurance Coordinator
Shannon Stampley / Hygienist)
Lesley Brennan / Braces Bus Coordinator
Paul Franks / Finance Manager
Louise Moore / Clinical Lab Coordinator

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My son's retainer broke last night, and part of it was loose in his mouth. (It's the retainer that was installed, not the kind he could take out and put back in.) I called this morning and was able to get an appointment before lunch. With no wait and a quick fix, he was back to school faster than he probably wanted to be! It was all so easy, and the staff was so kind and helpful. Couldn't have been any better! Thank you!!