Braces + Clear Aligners Treatment

What is 365 Braces?

Start with braces and finish with clear aligners

365 Braces is the first of its kind treatment offering a Doctor controlled orthodontic treatment called Hybrid Braces. By utilizing a hybrid mix of high tech braces and/or clear tooth aligners (called 365Aligners™), patients receive treatment in a dramatically short period of time (6-12 months), at a FRACTION of the cost, and always finish their treatment using a set of clear tooth aligners. Because our Providers now have their own onsite 3D aligner labs, we can offer this service minus the lab expense of Invisalign. The Orthodontists who created this as an alternative to full braces or Invisalign are now passing the savings DIRECTLY TO YOU, our patients. We believe “Hybrid Braces” and 365Aligners™ are the perfect balance between cost and effective tooth aligner treatment. It’s an excellent option for both teenagers and adults.

365 aligners

365 Clear Aligners Treatment

$1800 / $80.00 per month + whitening + unlimited $39.00 retainers for 5 years (no scan fee)

Benefits: No risk, dr supervised, easy payment plan, whitening, unlimited retainers, affordable, fast, no braces

365 Braces – LITE - Braces + Clear aligners

365 Braces LITE – Braces + Clear aligners

$3300  /  $100.00  per month + whitening + unlimited $39.00 retainers for 5 years (no scan fee) – relapsed patient only /1-2 years since braces.

Benefits: No risk, dr supervised, easy payment plan, whitening, unlimited retainers, competitive, SUPER fast.

365 Braces Full

365 Braces Full – Braces + Clear aligners

$4800  /  $160.00 per month + whitening + unlimited $39.00 retainers for 5 years (no scan fee) – full ortho / 2+ years since braces + never had braces.

Benefits: No risk, dr supervised, easy payment plan, whitening, unlimited retainers, affordable, SUPER fast, very competitive.


Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign consists of a series of 18 to 30 custom-made, mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners. The aligners are removable and are replaced every 2 weeks. Braces price: Down payment $249, 24 monthly payments of $232, total cost: $5,820

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Patient reviews

We were nicely greeted when we arrived and we were seen almost immediately. This was the first appt for Michaela. The consultant we saw, Ms. Brea, was very professional and made Michaela feel right at home. When Dr. Carter came in he was very approachable and made Michaela feel at ease about getting braces. They made us feel very glad that we chose their office.

Michele & Michael S.   

Every one there was so nice and kind my first appointment was excellent So glad I found this orthodontist

Stacia M.   

FAQ – Braces

What are braces?

Braces are used by your orthodontist to help you improve the look and feel of your smile. There are several different types of braces to choose from, including:
– Traditional metal braces
– Clear braces
– Ceramic braces
– Lingual braces
– Self-ligating braces
– Invisible braces

How Long do I wear braces?

Anywhere between 6-30 months, but 365 Braces & Aligners take less than a year (365 days)!

Do braces hurt?

Braces do not often hurt though you may feel a small amount of discomfort for a couple days as your teeth, gums, cheeks, and mouth get used to your new braces.

If I have braces, do I still need dental checkups every six months?

Yes! In fact, it’s even more important that patients receiving orthodontic treatment visit their dentist regularly. With braces, food may be caught in places that your toothbrush can’t reach. This causes bacteria to build up that can lead to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Your dentist will work closely with your orthodontist to make sure that your teeth stay clean and healthy while wearing braces.

How do you know if you need braces?

If your child is getting regular dental visits, your dentist will be able to determine when it’s time for minor intervention or a full evaluation for braces. Here are some signs that a child is likely to benefit from braces: Early, late, or irregular loss of baby teeth. Difficulty in chewing or biting.

Are braces really necessary?

Children who grow up with crooked or buck teeth often face ridicule that leads to insecurities. Unfortunately, the bias doesn’t seem to disappear with adolescence. Either way – whether braces are medically necessary or cosmetically necessary – both are good reasons to give your child braces

What is the best age to get braces?

Patients with orthodontic problems can benefit from treatment at nearly any age. An ideal time for placement of braces is between 10 and 14 years of age, while the head and mouth are still growing and teeth are more conducive to straightening.