365 aligners

365 Aligners*

*relapsed patient only – under 1 year since braces

$1800 / $80.00 per month + whitening + unlimited $39.00 retainers for 5 years (no scan fee).

Benefits: No risk, dr supervised, easy payment plan, whitening, unlimited retainers, affordable, fast, no braces


Ask us about $900 treatment per arch(10aligners)


What are invisible aligners?

Clear aligners. An Invisalign aligner. Clear aligners, also known as clear-aligner treatment, are orthodontic devices that uses incremental transparent aligners to adjust teeth as an alternative to dental braces.

Do clear braces get stained?

But if you don’t care for these braces properly, they may start to stain. … “Most ceramic brackets won’t discolor and it’s usually the clear ligatures that will become stained. The ligature is the tiny little elastic that holds the archwires to the brackets.

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Our Patients

Job opening – Ortho Aligner Fabrication Lab Tech

Lab tech needed to handle prep work for aligner fabrication. We are looking for a candidate that possesses: *Good communication skills *Willingness to handle even the smallest of tasks to keep assembly line running smoothly *Positive attitude Please send resumes to both: [email protected] and [email protected]

How can you get free aligners?

How can you receive your set of FREE ALIGNERS? Subscribe to Forever Aligned Club HERE. You’ll receive a 5 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to affordable Clear Aligners and Retainers from a LOCAL doctor. Once your treatment is reviewed, you’ll receive your first 5 Aligners for FREE – compliments of Forever Aligned Club. Should you require more than…

Why 365 Hybrid Braces?

Orthodontists have struggled for years to provide faster/shorter treatment time and also reduce the fees required to treat patients over a typical 24 month period of time. Traditional braces do a great job of quickly and efficiently aligning teeth within the first 6-12 months of treatment. The difficult, and time consuming part, has always been…