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Braces Case Study

Carter Orthodontics Braces Treatment

Case study

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Case Study: Orthodontic Treatment with Braces Patient Profile: Name: Emily Age: 24 years Orthodontic Concern: Misaligned teeth, overcrowding, overbite Introduction: Emily, a 24-year-old teenager, presented… Read More »Case study

Braces Removal at 13 months

Case Study SJ

Patient: Sarah Johnson, 15 years old Problem: Sarah had a significant overjet, which caused her upper front teeth to stick out further than her lower… Read More »Case Study SJ

braces treatment time

Case Study MB

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Patient: Michael Brown, 42 years old Problem: Michael had a deep bite, which caused his upper front teeth to overlap his lower front teeth excessively.… Read More »Case Study MB

braces under bite - 11 months treatment

Case Study JS

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Patient: Jane Smith, 17 years old Problem: Jane had an overbite, which caused her lower jaw to protrude in front of her upper jaw. This… Read More »Case Study JS

braces Removal at 52 weeks

Case Study JG

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Patient: John G., 25 years old Problem: John has a severe overbite and crowding of his upper and lower teeth. He also has a crossbite… Read More »Case Study JG