The Brace BUZZ



Carter Orthodontics is the only Orthodontics provider in the CSRA utilizing “the Brace BUZZ.” Started in 1996, the Brace BUZZ has been approved by Columbia, Aiken and Edgefield County school systems, as well as several independent schools (See list below). With a parent’s signed consent, the Brace BUZZ will pick up patients from their respective schools, escort them to their orthodontic appointment and return them to school during school hours. Carter Orthodontics implemented the Brace BUZZ to decrease the amount of children that have to miss appointments due to school, as well as, to help parents avoid missing work. This service is provided at no charge for all Carter Orthodontic patients in an approved school.


Carter Orthodontics Brace BUZZ service has been approved by the following schools:

Columbia County Schools

  • Baker Place Elementary
  • Blue Ridge Elementary
  • Brookwood Elementary
  • Cedar Ridge Elementary
  • Euchee Creek Elementary
  • Evans Elementary
  • Greenbrier Elementary
  • Grovetown Elementary
  • Lewiston Elementary
  • Martinez Elementary
  • North Columbia Elementary
  • North Harlem Elementary School
  • Parkway Elementary School
  • River Ridge Elementary School
  • Riverside Elementary
  • South Columbia Elementary
  • Stevens Creek Elementary
  • Westmont Elementary
  • Columbia Middle
  • Evans Middle
  • Greenbrier Middle
  • Grovetown Middle
  • Harlem Middle
  • Lakeside Middle
  • Riverside Middle
  • Stallings Island Middle
  • Evans High School
  • Greenbrier High School
  • Grovetown High
  • Harlem High
  • Lakeside High School

Private Schools

  • Aiken Prep
  • Augusta Christian
  • Augusta Prep
  • Our Lady Of Peace
  • Victory Baptist
  • Westminster

Edgefield County Schools

  • Merriwether Elementary
  • Merriwether Middle

Aiken County Schools

  • Chukker Creek Elem
  • North Aiken Elem
  • Aiken Elem
  • East Aiken Elem
  • Millbrook Elem
  • Schofield Middle
  • South Aiken HS
  • Aiken High
  • Warrenville Elem
  • New Ellenton Middle
  • Aiken Prep

North Augusta Office

  • Belvedere Elem
  • Byrd Elem
  • Hammond Hill Elem
  • NA Elem
  • NA Middle
  • NA HS
  • Redcliffe Elem
  • Jackson Middle
  • LBC- Langley Bath Clearwater Middle
  • Leavelle McCambell Middle
  • Kennedy Middle
  • Paul Knox Middle
  • Midland Valley HS
  • Mossy Creek Elem
  • Silver Bluff HS
  • Midland Valley Prep
  • Jefferson Elem
  • Merriwether Elem
  • Merriwether Middle
  • Fox Creek Hs

Augusta Office – Any Day

  • Augusta Christian Schools
  • Blue Ridge Elem
  • Martinez Elem
  • River Ridge Elem
  • Stalling Island Middle
  • Riverside Elem& Middle
  • South Columbia Elem
  • Stevens Creek Elem
  • Lakeside Middle & HS

Augusta Office—Grovetown Days

  • Baker Place Elem
  • Cedar Ridge Elem
  • Euchee Creek Elem
  • Grovetown Elem
  • Grovetown Middle
  • Grovetown HS
  • Harlem Elem
  • Harlem Middle
  • HarlemHS
  • Lewiston Elem
  • Columbia Middle

Augusta Office—Evans/ Greenbrier Day

  • Evans Elem
  • Evans Middle
  • Evans HS
  • Greenbrier Elem
  • Greenbrier Middle
  • Greenbrier HS
  • Brookwood Elem
  • Parkway Elem
  • Westmont Elem

Brace Bus Consent Form


Please fill out the form & bring it to the office with you to save you time!