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$1000 Off Treatment

$99 memberships gets you $1,000 Off treatment (Braces or Invisalign) EXCLUSIVELY at Carter Orthodontics, Augusta office, North Augusta office, Aiken office, Grovetown office.   Schedule free consultationCarter Orthodontics Treatments Cost Phase Istarting at$995Early Interceptive Treatment (<10 years of age)Mild $995 * Moderate $1,995 * Difficult 2,995 * *Forever Aligned Club membership required (includes $1,000 Off)PhaseRead More »$1000 Off Treatment
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The ‘Great Water Race’ is on …

TODAY, Jose Daniel, is WELL HYDRATED! Congratulations He finished his water today and came in 1st place! #teamcarter Buddy Donaldson David Carter @carterorthodontics