The treatment, called “Hybrid Braces”, uses a mixture of braces and/or clear tooth aligners (called FOREVERaligners™). Because Carter Orthodontics now has its own onsite 3D aligner lab, we can offer this service minus the lab expense of Invisalign. Carter Orthodontics created this as an alternative to full braces or Invisalign, and we are passing the savings DIRECTLY TO YOU, our patients. The treatment is offered at $4600. Our full braces and Invisalign are still excellent options and will remain at their current fees. However, we believe “Hybrid Braces” and FOREVERaligners™ are the perfect balance between cost and effective tooth aligner treatment. It’s an excellent option for adults!!!

It combines the speed & efficiency of traditional braces with the convenience of invisible tooth aligners, similar to Invisalign. Patients begin with clear or metal braces for only 6-12 months, then switch to invisible tooth aligners for the finishing stages of treatment. In most cases, overall treatment typically takes less than a year from start to finish.

  • Advantages of Hybrid Braces TM:
  • Reduced time in standard braces
  • Reduced fee ($1200 less than just braces or full Invisalign)
  • Comfort and convenience of invisible, removable tooth aligners
  • All aligner adjustments simply require a 5 minute 3D scan
  • Scans can be done at any office, any weekday, even as a walk-in
  • Better dental hygiene than standard braces
  • Better patient compliance
  • Reduces emergency visits for loose braces or poking wires
  • Most aligners finish in 3-4 months

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