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traditional braces

Hadley new smile

Congrats to Hadley

Congrats to Hadley for taking the first step towards a dazzling smile! She just got braces at Carter Orthodontics! #BracesOn #smilejourney

Autumn is all smiles in her new braces

Congrats to Autumn

With her new braces on, Autumn’s smile shines brighter than ever! We gladly welcome her to Carter Orthodontics, where we’re committed to creating beautiful smiles.

Elizabeth got new braces

Congrats to Elizabeth

Guess who just got their braces? Elizabeth! We absolutely adore her new smile and we’re pretty sure she does too!

Carter Orthodontics Braces Treatment

Case study

Case Study: Orthodontic Treatment with Braces Patient Profile: Name: Emily Age: 24 years Orthodontic Concern: Misaligned teeth, overcrowding, overbite Introduction: Emily, a 24-year-old teenager, presented… Read More »Case study

CJ getting his braces removed

Congrats to CJ

Congrats to CJ on completing his orthodontic treatment and getting his braces removed! We’re thrilled for him! Remember to wear your retainer as recommended to… Read More »Congrats to CJ

Kalena just got her new braces

Congratulations to Kalena

Congratulations to Kalena for getting her braces on! It’s always exciting to see progress towards a healthy and confident smile.