365 braces

What is 365 Braces?

365 Braces is the first of its kind treatment offering a Doctor controlled orthodontic treatment called “Hybrid Braces”. By utilizing a hybrid mix of high tech braces and/or clear tooth aligners (called 365Aligners™), patients receive treatment in a dramatically short period of time (6-12 months), at a FRACTION of the cost, and always finish their treatment using a set of clear tooth aligners. Because our Providers now have their own onsite 3D aligner labs, we can offer this service minus the lab expense of Invisalign. The Orthodontists who created this as an alternative to full braces or Invisalign are now passing the savings DIRECTLY TO YOU, our patients. We believe “Hybrid Braces” and 365Aligners™ are the perfect balance between cost and effective tooth aligner treatment. It’s an excellent option for both teenagers and adults.

365 Braces Lite – $147 per month for 18 months
365 Braces Full – $179 per month for 24 months
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Guaranteed Removal of Braces in 12 Months or less.

Some patients may find that their dental insurance will cover a certain amount towards orthodontic treatment.