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Case Study

clear aligners

Patient Background:
Patient V, a 22-year-old resident of North Augusta, expressed a desire to correct minor crowding and achieve a straighter smile, which had been a source of self-consciousness.

Treatment Plan:
Upon evaluation of Patient V’s dental condition, our orthodontic team devised a personalized treatment plan. Clear aligner therapy was recommended as the ideal orthodontic solution to gradually shift the teeth into optimal alignment and achieve the desired smile transformation.

Aligner Treatment:
Patient V embarked on the clear aligner journey with determination, faithfully wearing the aligners as prescribed and following the treatment plan diligently. With each aligner change, the teeth were gently guided into their ideal positions, effectively correcting the minor crowding and achieving the desired straighter smile.

After 10 months of committed aligner therapy, Patient V achieved remarkable results. The clear aligners successfully addressed the minor crowding, resulting in a beautifully aligned smile that radiated confidence and self-assurance. Patient V emerged from treatment with enhanced self-esteem and a renewed sense of pride in their smile, ready to embrace the world with newfound confidence.

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