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his braces

This cutie

This cutie, Carter, just got on his braces and guess who got to put them on…. our clinician (who is also his mom,) Jessica!

Joanna got her braces off

Whoo hoo!

 Joanna got her braces off! Congratulations and thank you for choosing us to be your provider.

haven’t worn your retainer in a while

Haven’t worn your retainer?

Oh the feeling when you haven’t worn your retainer in a while! #retainer #retainerlife #braces #shifthappens #clearaligners  

Seanna getting her braces off

Congratulations to Seanna

Congratulations to Seanna for getting her braces off last week! We love that beautiful smile. Remember to wear your retainer.

Camarli getting her braces

Congratulations to Camarli

Congratulations to Camarli for getting her braces on this week! We welcome you to Carter Orthodontics! 😁😁