Hybrid Braces

Hybrid Braces™ is an orthodontic treatment offered EXCLUSIVELY at Carter Orthodontics. It combines the speed & efficiency of traditional braces with the convenience of invisible tooth aligners, similar to Invisalign. Patients begin with clear or metal braces for only 6-12 months, then switch to invisible tooth aligners for the finishing stages of treatment. In most cases, overall treatment typically takes less than a year from start to finish.

Advantages of Hybrid Braces™:

  • Reduced time in standard braces
  • Reduced fee (Hundreds Less)
  • Comfort and convenience of invisible, removable tooth aligners
  • All aligner adjustments simply require a 5 minute 3D scan
  • Scans can be done at any office, any weekday, even as a walk-in
  • Better dental hygiene than standard braces
  • Better patient compliance
  • Reduces emergency visits for loose braces or poking wires
  • Most aligners finish in 3-4 months
  • Reduced fee ($1200 less than just braces or full Invisalign)

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Hybrid Braces
Hybrid Braces – our most popular option
The New Alternative: HYBRID BRACES