$99 membership fee gives you full access to all our high quality after ortho products for 5 full years!

  • High quality Doctor supervised retainers
  • Worry-free, unlimited replacement retainers
  • Easy online ordering
  • Fast delivery, direct to your doorstep
  • Retainers as low as $24.75
  • Clear Aligners $249 for 5 aligners(per arch)


  • $1000 OFF Braces (both Clear and Metal)
  • $1000 OFF Phase 1 Early Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment (Growth & Development for Children)
  • $1000 OFF Clear Aligners – Shipped Directly to You (Including Invisalign and Smile Direct Club)
    Orthodontic Aftercare (* No Credit Check on Financing *)
  • $500 OFF Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  • $249 Clear FOREVER Aligners (Sold 5 at a time and shipped directly to patient)
  • $249 Snoring Appliances
  • $99 Tooth Cleanings
  • $49 Tooth Polishings
  • Clear FOREVER Retainers ($49 each ON-Demand, or Auto Shipped as low as $25 each)
  • $49 Tooth Whitening Trays
  • $49 Night Guards
  • $19 Athletic Mouth Guards
  • Discounted Online Dental Products (whitening gel, fluoride gel, Whitening Mouthwashes, Desensitizing mouthwashes, Fluoride Mouth Washes, Disposable Electric toothbrushes, etc)
  • 20% OFF all General Dental Care through our network of General Dental Providers

** Over $4000 Potential Savings per Membership **

At Forever Aligned Club we believe it shouldn’t cost a lot to get your teeth straight and keep them straight – FOREVER!

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